S-Line Busbar Trunking System

To meet your entire range of power delivery needs, E&A offers bus duct systems from 250A to 6300A, featuring flexible design with Class-F insulation of uniform thickness, well-insulated and a higher joint overlapping ensures Longer life, Higher savings, and enhanced safety.

The Busducts are fully type-tested at various independent laboratories and conform to international standards. This ensures complete reliability of the entire Busduct system.

The compact size and flexible design requires limited space and results in the availability of more usable floor area on every floor, adds a touch of elegance to the ambiance, and reduces on-site installation time.

S-Line Busbar Trunking System

Range from 250A to 5000A (Aluminium); 400A to 6300A (Copper)

Operational voltage up to 1000V

Joint block with maintenance-free Twin-headed shear off Nut

Plug-in box with Mechanical interlock & safety features

A robust, safe and reliable solution

UL certified Class-F insulation

Ingress protection up to IP66

Certified for Seismic zone-V compliance

Fire resistance system