etaPRO Software

etaPRO is an innovative, multi-utility and user friendly software package, related to Reactive Power Management. The users will get the benefit of easy and error free selection of products.


Easy calculation of capacitor kVAr rating if existing and target power factor are known with payback calculation

Selection of right capacitor-reactor combination (detuned harmonic filter)

Excellent switching and high short circuit capacity

Generation of bill of materials, covering capacitor selection, switchgear selection, switching device selection with catalogue numbers and MRP of all the items in the panel that can be exported to excel format.

BoM generation up to 1400 kVAr APFC Panels with maximum 14 steps

Switchgear selection options for main incomer (ACB, MCCB and SDF) and branch protection

(MCCB, SDF, HRC Fuse and MCB)

Instant catalogue access for selected switchgear/capacitors

Technical articles and presentations - 24 technical articles and technical presentations related to reactive power and harmonic filtering


Isolator, Motor Start and Stop, Manual Motor controller as Motor Disconnect, Main Switch, Emergency ON-OFF. Control Switch, Changeover Switch