With increasing installations of MCOMP and additional requirements from customers, modifications were made and a new version of MCOMP relays, MCOMP+ was developed.

The MCOMP+ is a comprehensive Control, Metering and Protection IED designed for complete protection of air circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers or gas insulated circuit breakers operating in Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear assemblies. The MCOMP+ is a complete protection solution with 4 setting Groups and multiple stages in each protection setting which cater to the need of switching of groups/stages with variable load demands /varying fault intensities.

More features: :

Modular Design

Universal auxiliary power supply range of 85 – 250 VAC/VDC.

4 CT inputs

2DI+2DO as default configuration, scalable up to 29DI/23DO in the same unit itself.

6 configurable pushbuttons for control and 12 configurable LEDs

Communication protocol: Modbus RTU, Profibus, Modbus TCP/IP, IEC 61850.

Motor thermal overload, Motor Re-acceleration