MPR300 Mini Motor Protection Relay

MPR300 is a Microprocessor based LT Motor protection relay. The relay has got inbuilt CTs for motor sizes up to 50KW (i.e 88 A current)

Protections offered: :

Thermal Overload

Earth Fault

Single Phasing

Locked Rotor

Under Current

Features: :

LEDs for trip indication.

Inbuilt CTs available

4 selectable trip time curves for thermal overload

Test facility through front push button.

Manual reset facility through front push button.

With / Without fail safe mode

Application : :

MPR 300 offers you greater security, operator safety through proper co-ordination in case of earth fault on motor feeder.

MPR300 is used for protection of motors widely used in fans, pumps, crushers, mills, compressors, belt conveyors, centrifuges, mixers, ventilators, escalators, motorized valves etc.