APFC Controller

The etaCON series of digital power factor correction controllers automatically corrects the power factor, with the help of contactors for the connection and disconnection of capacitor banks

L&T Electrical & Automation offers a wide etaCON range: 3, 5, 7, 8 and 12-step versions. etaCON ensures balanced capacitor usage by intelligent adjustment interface based on the number of switching operations and the connection time of each step, thus ensuring long life for switchgear and capacitors.

Features :

Automatic set-up

Measurement Sensitivity - 2.5%

Automatic recognition of current flow direction

Use in co-generation systems - 4 Quadrant operation

Flashing of Alarm code in case of abnormal conditions

Online display of PF, Voltage, Current, kVAr, capacitor overload and Panel temperature

Two programmable contacts to be used as alarm and / or fan control except for etaCON 3

No-voltage release protection function

Capacitor over-current and panel over-heating protection

Average weekly power factor measurement (last 7 days)

Keypad lock feature