Star Delta Starting is one of the methods of starting of 3-Phase pump-sets. In Fully Automatic version of Star-Delta (FASD) Starter, the changeover from star winding to delta winding is done with the help of a timer. L&T offers two variants of FASD – called starters and controllers.

FASD starters are basic electrical starters with contactor and relay combination for ON-OFF operation and overload protection of the pump-sets. Over and above the ON/OFF operation and overload protection features equipped in Controllers, it also provides additional features like Auto ON, indications of Supply ON/OFF and Pump ON/OFF, reading of real time voltage & current of pump with unique Dual analog meter. Single phasing protection relay (SPPR) inside Controller unit provides the advanced protection features viz. single-phasing prevention, phase-reversal protection, phase-unbalance protection, variable time-delay adjustment for delayed operation of pump set.

DOL Starters:

MK1 DOL - with MK1 contactor and MK1 relay

MU DOL - with MU contactor and MU relay

MB DOL - with MU contactor and MN relay

ML DOL - with MU contactor and MN relay safety features

Controllers :

MU-G6 – with MK1 contactor, MK1 relay and Sz5 (SPPR) relay

MU-G10 & MU-G10H - with MU contactor, MU relay and Sz5 (SPPR)